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The problem with rust was mentioned in the Pre-purchase section. After the paint was removed and the rust holes were cleaned up, the car was sent to the paint and body shop with a replacement passenger door.

Bayou City Spider

The grill was originally black but had some overspray from the previous owner's backyard paint job. The chrome paint sold at auto part stores just doesn't look right so, all of the paint was removed and the base aluminum was polished. This was very labor intensive but worth the effort, the grill looks excellent.

Polished Grill

The stock rims were the 14x5.5 "Turbo" rims. At purchase, they were oxidized to a splotchy whitish color. Paint strippers didn't work. Bead blasting was unsuccessful. Finally, they were painted with some aluminum rim paint.

Fiat Turbo Style Rims

Some BWA Sportstar rims (6x14) were purchased from a friend clearing out his stock of Alfa Romeo Alfetta parts. They are the same 4x98 pattern but have a 35mm offset. They will also require some cleaning and polishing or painting.

BWA Sportstar Rims

In a stroke of luck, some decent 14x7 Panasports were added to the collection. A buddy that drives Alfas had a friend with these sitting in his yard from an old racing Alfetta. They are 4x98 bolt pattern with 5mm offset so they will work but they will take a lot of effort to get decent looking as they are a bit discolored and oxidized. Well, some 3M "brillo-type" sanding pads, wet sanding and Duplicolor silver and clear wheel paint has done the job. They look great fitted with 205/60R14 Falken ZE-512's.

Panasport 7x14

Lastly, an Ebay auction provided some 14" Cromodora Daytonas.

Cromodora Daytonas

If you have been paying attention, the collection is now up to 20 wheels (8 BWA, 4 Fiat "turbo", 4 Daytonas and the 4 Panasports on the car). Stay tuned.

Many more photos available in the Gallery